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Management and Engineering Support During Construction

Our direct, hands-on expertise in construction and civil engineering has given us the knowledge and foresight to manage projects efficiently and safely. PIVOX can provide assistance with management and engineering support roles during construction in both on- and off-site roles.

  • Submittals, RFIs, Construction Documentation
  • Cost / Budget Tracking
  • Schedule Preparation, Reporting, and Evaluation
  • Contractor Onboarding
  • Health and Safety Tracking and Reporting
  • Quality Control and Compliance Support
  • Waste Management
  • Project Dashboards and Progress Reporting
  • Record Drawing Preparation

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Contract Management

Using PIVOX sourcing and construction expertise to strategically manage our clients’ contracted services.

  • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management Support
    • Review spend and organizing spend into manageable spend categories
  • Contract Request and Procurement Documents
    • Apply sourcing strategy to develop procurement documents with a clear scope of work, project requirements, and contract terms
  • Contract Negotiation
    • Track and circulate all proposed changes
    • Finalize and document contract terms
  • Approval and Execution Workflow
    • Using a systematic workflow to responsibly execute contracts by the appropriate signing authority without unnecessary delays
  • Contract Administration and Compliance
    • Confirmation/acceptance of Work by client
    • Billing review workflow
    • Ongoing project risk assessment and monitoring
  • Contract Amendment and Change Management
    • Developing standardized change management workflows
    • Align workflow with contract terms and client requirements
    • Proactive change root cause analysis
  • Financial and Performance Audits and Reporting
    • Reporting of financial data, assessing contract performance
    • Prioritized audits/assessments based on risk level
  • Contract Closeout and Renewal Workflow
    • Implement closeout workflows
    • Periodic assessment of all open contracts to identify inactive contracts that need to be closed
    • Proactive planning (>12 months) to realize sourcing strategy and continuous improvements when renewing contracts

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Construction Program Management

Comprehensive construction program management services for owners and consultants on environmental remediation, infrastructure, earthwork, and demolition construction programs.

  • Preconstruction Planning
    • Scope Review
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Value Engineering
    • Risk Identification and Review
    • Preliminary Cost Estimating
  • Health and Safety Program Development
    • Development of Oversight Team
    • Program Level H&S Plans
    • Safety Data Tracking Tools
    • Review of Safety Submittals
  • Schedule Development and Tracking
    • Schedule Development and Tracking
    • Resource and Cost Loaded Schedule
    • Customized Reporting for Stakeholders
  • Project Dashboard
    • Develop CM Software Platform
    • Progress Visualization and Reporting
    • Document Management
  • Procurement Support
    • Preparation of Bid Documents
    • Proposal Management
  • Construction Readiness
    • Program-level construction readiness review to ensure projects are adequately prepared to launch on time
  • Contract Administration
    • Financial and Commercial Terms
    • Claims Review and Resolution
    • Contract Change Management
  • Financial Management
    • Cost and Progress Tracking
    • Earned Value Management
    • Cost Forecasting

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PMO Services

Partnering with Program Owners to develop and administer a Project Management Office to efficiently deliver construction and environmental management programs.

  • PMO Development
    • Develop and launch PMO Organization
    • Establish PMO/Owner/Stakeholder Partnership
    • Team Organization
  • Program Scoping and Organization
    • Program Scope of Work
    • Program Planning and Forecasting
    • Projects Breakdown Structure
  • Administration and Governance
    • Develop Strategic Decision-Making Workflow
    • Communications Management
    • Steering Committee Management
    • Knowledge Management and Lessons Learned
    • Measure and Document PMO Performance
  • Financial Management
    • Create Program Budgets
    • Financial Forecasting, Tracking and Reporting
    • Change Control and Management
    • Project Billing Management and Workflows
  • Sourcing and Contracts Management
    • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
    • Manage Procurement Cycle
    • Contract Management and Administration
  • Resource Management
    • Supplier Selection
    • Issue Tracking and Resolution
    • Supplier Assessment
  • Operations Management
    • Managing and Tracking Project Execution
    • Progress Reporting
  • Risk Management
    • Risk Assessment
    • Risk Register Development and Maintenance
  • Communications Management
    • Stakeholder Communications

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Construction Management

Focused independent/owner’s representative role during construction implementation, managing the construction contract and reporting directly to the owner. Assist the project owner and leaders in establishing a project culture of collaboration, safety, and quality, especially at the on-site builder level.

  • Health and Safety Program Implementation:

    Provide on-site H&S leadership. Reinforce safety culture. Assess work for compliance to H&S plans on behalf of the owner. Support contractor H&S teams. Track and report data, identify/evaluate trends, and implement continuous improvement.

  • Operational Review:

    On-Site assessment of operational efficiency, staffing level adequacy, safety culture, quality culture, and provide assessment/recommendations to owner.

  • Project Meetings:

    Lead and document project status meetings, including maintaining meeting minutes and tracking actions.

  • Workflow Management:

    Manage all construction management workflows, including tracking and management of project submittals, RFIs, change events.

  • Change Management and Dispute Support:

    Owner-representation role during review of change orders and claims, assist with resolution of disputes/claims.

  • Closeout Management:

    Readiness to closeout with contractors, engineer/architects, quality assurance, and owners.

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General Contracting

Contract and deliver environmental remediation, water supply infrastructure, site earthwork/ excavation, and structural demolition construction, with a focus on complex and challenging sites with extensive stakeholder engagement and scrutiny.

Full on-site management and oversight of construction, including CM/Superintendent services, H&S oversight, construction quality assurance, and construction engineering services.  Financial assurance/bonding capacity in excess of $75M.  PIVOX specializes in delivering the following construction services:

  • Groundwater Remediation System Construction:

    Groundwater extraction and conveyance, ex-situ and in-situ treatment process facilities, system power and controls.

  • Soil Remediation Construction:

    Contaminated soil excavation, transportation and disposal, in-situ soil remediation, in-situ soil stabilization.

  • Site Earthwork and Development:

    Grading and drainage construction. Site restoration, landscaping, and hardscaping, including construction of low-impact development improvements.

  • Structure Demolition:

    Aboveground and underground structure demolition, in-place abandonment, and deconstruction. Hazardous materials abatement support. Waste stream characterization and optimization, including waste segregation, salvage, recycling/reuse, and minimizing landfilling. Specialize in program-level implementation at sites with large and disparate facilities requiring demolition.

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