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Hinkley Property Demolition and Cleanup Program

PG&E Hinkley Compressor Station Property Cleanup and Demolition Program

PIVOX Corporation served as Program Manager and General Contractor for a multi-year property demolition and site cleanup program as part of PG&E’s Hinkley Compressor Station groundwater remediation program.

This program included demolition and cleanup of over 240 properties throughout Hinkley, CA. Construction activities included lead and asbestos abatement, structure demolition, site grading and clearing, profiling and packaging of regulated building material, septic tank pumping and removal, debris segregation and loadout, excavation and removal of contaminated soil, backfill and compaction, and site stabilization.

Due to nature of the project in terms of biological requirements at each location, scrutiny by external stakeholders, and local traffic restrictions, work had to be closely coordinated with different agencies, the Owner, and subcontractors to make sure tasks were completed by the given deadline, while maintaining a zero-error and zero-incident approach with health and safety, biological compliance, environmental compliance, and community stakeholder requirements.

PIVOX worked with the Owner to take a long-term programmatic approach to structure demolition and site cleanup at the Hinkley site.  PIVOX provided long-term dedicated management and construction teams to this program to build expertise and implement continuous improvement across the duration of the program.  The PIVOX program organized parcels into groups to be completed concurrently, sequenced demolition tasks, and scheduled inspections, utility-owner disconnects, waste characterization, and disposal simultaneously for all sites in each group, saving schedule and costs over the duration of the program.

PIVOX’s waste stream management practices were able to achieve up to a 60% recycling rate of waste generated from demolition and site cleanup. 

  • Client:
    • PG&E / Arcadis, Inc
  • Location:
    • Hinkley, CA
  • Duration:
    • 2013-2021
  • Total Contract Value:
    • $31MM, 110,000 Construction Trade Man-Hours
  • Work Performed:
    • General Contractor Services, Structure Demolition, Regulated Waste Abatement, and Site Cleanup