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Former Fresno MGP Site Remediation

PIVOX Corporation served as construction contractor and construction manager for remediation and MGP waste impacted soil at PG&E’s former Fresno Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site. This project is one of 20 MGP remediation projects successfully completed by PIVOX for utility clients throughout California.

Remediation was performed in three separate phases, allowing continued use of the site by PG&E utility operations and in coordination with PG&E’s longer term development plans for the site.  Remediation activities included removal of an MGP-waste underground storage tank, soil excavation alongside the active railroad adjacent to the site, soil and MGP waste excavation, and site restoration within the historical MGP area.

Remediation consisted of demolition of underground reinforced concrete structures, removal of historical MGP infrastructure, and soil excavation using open excavation, slot trench, and large-diameter auger excavation methods; approximately 33,000 tons of soil were excavated, at depths ranging from 2 to 40 feet below ground surface. Excavated soil was managed, stockpiled, and characterized for disposal by PIVOX, and transported to PG&E-approved disposal facilities. PIVOX worked with the Owner, consultant, railroad owner, and project geotechnical engineer to develop excavation methods that safely and efficiently met local site conditions, soil characteristics, excavation depths, and backfill requirements.

Site restoration consisted of fine grading over the entire 3+ acre site and installation of surface water drainage improvements.

PIVOX implemented the following safety measures: working during City-approved hours, air and vibration monitoring, dust control, sound blankets, using appropriately sized equipment, and traffic control to safely manage trucks, vehicles, and pedestrian traffic. Worker air monitoring, site perimeter air VOC and dust concentrations were measured and logged, and environmental controls were installed and maintained by PIVOX personnel during all excavation activities.

  • Client:
    • PG&E / Terra Pacific Group
  • Location:
    • Fresno, California
  • Duration:
    • 2012, 2015
  • Total Contract Value:
    • $7MM, 46,000 Construction Trade Man-Hours
  • Work Performed:
    • Soil Remediation